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Event Management - Festival and Conference




  • Graduates are prepared to:

  • Develop and implement financial initiatives based on event objectives through methods such as sponsorship programs and fundraising initiatives

  • Plan, design and coordinate effective site and facility operations

  • Apply the principles of marketing to festivals, events, and conference

  • Apply strategies for effective human resource management

  • Create, plan and implement effective programming for events

  • Apply accounting and financial knowledge and skills to the operation of events

  • Apply business administration skills to the operation of events

  • Apply the principles of professionalism and ethics to event management



Graduates of this program may find employment in hotels, convention ad conference centres, corporations, tourism and not-for-profit organizations, sports and recreational organizations, festival, arts and cultural organizations and event marketing management. Some entrepreneurial graduates may open their own event management companies.




Program Overview

Event Management – Festival and Conference will prepare students for a career in an exciting and rapidly growing industry. It is well documented the festivals, events and conference are a major catalyst for tourism worldwide as evidenced by the membership making up the local, national and global markets. This sector is projected to produce 121,000 new jobs by 2015.



Semester 1

   Event Marketing – Festival and Conference

   Volunteer & Team Building Coordinator

   Sponsorship Development

   Introduction to Event, Festival & Conference

   Networking and Industry Rehearsal

   Event Budgeting


Semester 2

  Risk & Security Management

  Site Logistics & Operations Management

  Programming Community and Cultural      Festivals, Events & Conferences

  Creativity and Innovative

  Greening Your Festival, Event & Conference

  Communications and Media Planning

   Festival, Event and Conference Production   Practicum


Note: minimum C grade required in all courses.

At A Glance

Our employment partners include:

  • Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment

  • AVIVA Canada

  • Toronto Board of Trade

  • Toronto Community News

  • Marriott Hotels

  • Toronto International Film Festival

  • Delta Hotels

  • Fairmont Hotels

  • Four Seasons Hotel & Resorts

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