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Advanced Television and Film - Script to Screen

Program Overview

This multi-disciplinary two-semester post-graduate program is open to actors, writers, directors, producers, editors and other film and television craftspeople interested in acquiring a comprehensive, in-depth, hands-on understanding of what goes into developing and producing quality features films and TV shows.




  • is unique among the few other post-grad film and television programs currently available in the GTA

  • does not stream students into master classes immediately but instead concentrates the time spent in the first semester to give students a solid working knowledge of what everyone does on a film or television production (so students will be better able to collaborate, improvise, problem-solve and empathize with their fellow cast and crew members down the line)

  • focuses solely on dramatic film-making. While this includes comedy and all the other genres, it does not include documentary film-making. There is no split focus - it is all drama

  • involves actors on the program from day one. This means scripts can be tailored to an actor's specific talent. Coupled with the time and effort devoted to script development in the first semester, this should result in higher quality student films than we are accustomed to seeing (at a time when student films continue to be a key part of gaining a foothold in the business)



Semester 1

   Screenwriting 1 ( Short Film Development)

   Directing 1

   Acting 1

   Production 1

   Post-Production 1


Semester 2

   Short Film Rehearsal & Pre-Production

   Short Film Production

   Short Film Post-Produciton

Plus choose two of the following:

   Screenwriting 2

   Directing 2

   Acting 2

   Production 2

   Post-Production 2



  • Graduates should enter the film and television industry with an enhanced ability to find an appropriate place for themselves and succeed on productions, at production companies, broadcast networks and other industry-related organizations

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