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Sponsorship Visa Canada

A citizen of Canada of Canada or a permanent resident who is of 18 years of age or older can sponsor a spouse, a partner, dependent children, parents or grand-parents to come to Canada. To become a sponsor one should be of 18 years or older. The dependent spouse, children or parents can be inside or outside Canada at the time of application. Following are the various kinds of sponsorship visas an applicant can apply for:

Spouse Visa and Dependent Visa

A sponsor for a spouse visa must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident living in Canada and should be of at least 18 years. The sponsor also needs to provide financial support for their spouse or dependent children for 3 years till 10 years. A spouse must be legally married to their sponsor, or must be in a legally valid same-sex or opposite-sex marriage and should be recognized by both Canadian law and the law of the country where the marriage took place. Both the sponsor and the spouse should also undergo health and character checks.

Eligibility for Spouse Visa:

An applicant can only sponsor his or her spouse or dependant only if:
  • He or she is above 18 years of age.
  • Must be able to provide financial support to spouse, common-law partner, dependent children or parents.
  • The sponsor should not have sponsored his or her relative before.

Eligibility for a spouse or dependent:

  • You are eligible to apply as a spouse for a sponsor in Canada only if your marriage is legal.
  • A dependent should be under 22 years of age and should not be married.
  • Same-sex partners and civil union partners are also eligible under the dependant visa category.
  • The spouse or dependant should be able to meet certain health and character requirements.

Parent and Grand-parent Super Visa

Parents and grand-parents of permanent residents of Canada can be sponsored by their children or grand-children living in Canada. This new program has started from Dec 1, 2011. An applicant can sponsor his or her parents or grand-parents and they enjoy their vacation for up to years without the renewal of any kind of visa.

Eligibility for Parent and grand-parent visa

The parent and grand-parent visa should be applied by a person who is a:
  • Parent or a grand-parent of a citizen of Canada or a Canadian permanent resident.
  • Is invited by a Canadian host for a family vacation.
  • Can provide a written proof of financial support from their child or grand-child during his or her stay in Canada.
  • Have insurance cover for minimum 1 year.
  • Meets character and health requirement specified by IRCC.

The applicants who are granted parents and grand-parent super visa can apply for Multiple Entry Visa till 10 years. If one’s application is approved by IRCC, a letter is issued to the applicant that allows the applicant to visit his or her family for 2 years.

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