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Automotive Service Technician Co-op Apprenticeship

(Partnered with Chrysler Canada Inc.)

Program Overview


Successful students will earn an Ontario College diploma and complete their entire Ontario apprenticeship in-school curriculum within two years. Employers gain an upcoming employee that has a future management potential.


You will spend the first eight months of the program in school, eight months at a co-op work placement with a Chrysler dealer as a registered apprentice and a final eight months in school. As part of the in-school curriculum, you will train on Chrysler automobiles and components in fully-equipped automotive labs. You will focus on Chrysler product description, operation, diagnostics and repair as it applies to the apprenticeship curriculum. Additional technical training will include Chrysler factory training, advanced diagnostics and hybrid/alternate fuels training. Diploma courses include management and customer service training, English and general education that will help prepare you for a broad range of employment opportunities in the automotive field.




  • In-school training is delivered in state-of-the-art facilities at Canada's transportation training hub

  • Co-op placement opportunities with a Chrysler dealer

  • Apprentices are currently eligible for up to $4000 in various grants and tax incentives.



  • Employers are eligible for up to $45,000 over four years in various federal and provincial tax incentives

  • Employers gain an upcoming employee that has future management potential.

  • Students complete certain Chrysler On-Line training, certifying them to perform specific warranty repairs during their co-op work term.


At A Glance

Graduates are prepared to work as:

  • Automotive Service technicians

  • Service Writers/Advisors

  • Service and Parts Managers

  • Trainers/Professors

  • Automotive Manufacturer Specialists



Semester 1

   Work Place Practices & Procedures

   Engine Systems

   Drive Train Systems

   Suspension/Steering & Brakes

   Electrical/Electronics & Emissions

   Occupational Health & Safety


Semester 2

   College Communications 1

   Employment Pre-placement

   Work Place Practice

   Engine Systems

   Drive Train Systems

   Suspension/Steering & Brakes

   Electrical, Electronic &Emissions


Semester 3

   Co-op Work Placement Period


Semester 4

   Co-op Work Placement Period


Semester 5

   College Communications 2

   Engine Systems

   Suspension/Steering and Brake Systems

   Electrical/Electronics and Emissions

   Autobody Estimating

   Global Citizenship: From Social Analysis to                                                    Social Action


Semester 6

   Introduction to Organizational Behaviour

   Fixed Operations Management

   Electronic Climate Control

   Drive Train Systems

   Advanced Electrical & Diagnostics

   Diesel, Hybrid and Alternate Fuel Technology

   General Education Elective



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