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Business Administration - Business Operations Manager

Program Overview

The Business Operation Management program will teach you how to run a business effectively and efficiently. The program covers everything from purchasing and inventory management to supply chain and logistics management, operations planning, direct supervision and quality assurance. You will acquire the expertise needed to maximize productivity in these and other areas, like enterprise integration, while preparing for a career in virtually any service or goods manufacturing industry.


Hand-on learning is provided through programs that are similar to those undertaken in actual business settings. You will learn how to analyze operations processes in order to identify productivity improvements and how to apply business process re-engineering (BPR) techniques to simplify and streamline organizational processes. Also taught is the planning and designing of quality improvement programs and applying team approach principles to effectively analyze and recommend solutions to operations problems. Another important component of this program is learning how to integrate manual and computer-based systems, like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, as they relate to supply chain management activities.




  • Common three-semester curriculum for most business programs gives you a good business/industry overview before specialization.

  • The advanced diploma that is earned is recognized in Canada and abroad, reflecting high standards of learning

  • Graduates obtain Certificate of Recognition in SAP, a leading ERP software



Graduates are prepared for careers as:

  • Operations Analysts

  • Materials Managers

  • Supply Chain Managers

  • Inventory Management Analysts

  • Project Planners/Schedulers

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Semester 1

   Strategies for Business Success

   Fundamentals of Business

   College Communications 1

   Microcomputer Applications Software 1

   Mathematics of Finance


Semester 2

   Financial Accounting Concepts

   Career Exploration

   College Communications 2

   Microcomputer Applications Software 2

   Global Citizenship: From Social Analysis to                                        Social Action 

  Business Operations


Semester 3

   Quantitative Methods 1

   Business Communications

   Employment Preplacement

   General Education Elective

   Human Resource Management

   International Business Concepts

   Principles of Marketing


Semester 4

   Economics for Business & Management

   General Education Elective

   Purchasing and Supply Management with                                          SAP

   Productivity: Standards and Measures

   Materials Management


Semester 5

   Business Analysis

   Career Action

   Professional Business Elective

   Supply Chain Management

   Quality Assurance

   Production Planning with SAP


Semester 6

   Business Ethics

   Professional Business Elective

   Project Management for Business

   Integrated Logistics with SAP

   Service Operations Management

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