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Business Administration - Entrepreneurship

Program Overview

Innovations enhance people's lives and create solutions to important business and social problems.


The program will enable students to recognize and assess opportunities, develop business plans, make business presentations and implement efficient operations. Competencies will be developed in the areas of sustainability, innovation, project management and equity in an idea-generating culture, with an emphasis on ethical decision-making.


Graduates will learn to create new ventures within an existing business/organizational unit or start their own business. They can expect to work in small and medium size ventures in developing innovative new products and processes. This includes creating capacity in the not-for-profit and NGO sector.





The program will provide students with the competencies of sustainability, innovation and equity as well as the practical technical skills to start their own venture or work as a "corporate intrapreneur" within existing organizations - with the objective of pursuing new opportunities in an innovative, risk-taking and proactive manner.




Graduates will be able to either start their own business or work within a new or existing business unit of an organization or a company. They can expect to work in small and medium size entrepreneurial ventures in which innovative new products and processes for the organization are developed by intrapreneurial employees.

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Semester 1

   Strategies for Business Success

   Fundamentals of Business

   College Communications 1

   Microcomputer Applications Software 1

   Mathematics of Finance


Semester 2

   Financial Accounting Concepts

   Career Exploration

   College Communications 2

   Microcomputer Applications Software 2

   Global Citizenship: From Social Analysis to                                        Social Action 

  Business Operations


Semester 3

   Business Communications

   Employment Preplacement

   Economics for Business & Management

   General Education Elective

   Human Resource Management

   International Business Concepts

   Principles of Marketing


Semester 4

   Management Accounting 1

   Business Analysis

   Business Law

   Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Strategy

   New Venture Startup

   General Education Elective


Semester 5

   Career Action

   Entrepreneurial Case Studies

   Creating and Managing Innovation

   Corporate Venturing - Intrapreneurship

   Ecological Economics and Development

   Management Information Systems

   Developing a Business Plan


Semester 6

   Business Strategy

   Business Ethics

   Liberal Studies Elective Group B

   Entrepreneurial Project

   Entrepreneurial Finance

   Enterprise Sales and Marketing

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