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Business Administration - Human Resources

Program Overview

Human Resource (HR) involves developing policies, procedures and programs to ensure that an organization has an adequate number of people with the right knowledge, skills and abilities to achieve its objective. When HR is aligned with the strategic goals and objectives of an organization, it becomes a strategic partner in the management of the organization.


The program emphasizes the ability to analyze and interpret financial and accounting information for decision-making purposes. Legal issues are covered from a proactive, rather than compliance perspective. Finally, the use of integrated human resource systems software and computer skills to manage information and support decision-making is taught.




  • Continued growth in human resources management provides exciting employment opportunities

  • Microcomputer training is provided in popular business software such as Excel, Access and SAP

  • The advanced diploma that is earned is recognized in Canada and abroad, reflecting high standards of learning

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Semester 1

   Strategies for Business Success

   Fundamentals of Business

   College Communications 1

   Microcomputer Applications Software 1

   Mathematics of Finance


Semester 2

   Financial Accounting Concepts

   Career Exploration

   College Communications 2

   Microcomputer Applications Software 2

   Global Citizenship: From Social Analysis to                                        Social Action 

  Business Operations


Semester 3

   Business Communications

   Employment Preplacement

   Principles of Microeconomics

   General Education Elective

   Human Resource Management

   International Business Concepts

   Principles of Marketing


Semester 4

   Organizational Behaviour

   Business Analysis

   Principles of Microeconomics

   General Education Elective

   Managerial Accounting for HRM



Semester 5

   Career Action

   Business Ethics

   Professional Business Elective

   Recruitment and Selection

   Employment Law

   Human Resource Management Systems


Semester 6

   Professional Business Elective

   Human Resource Planning

   Labour Relations

   Occupational Health and Safety

   Compensation and Benefits

   Employee Training & Development

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