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Computer and Communication Networks

Program Overview

Specialized in Computer and Communication Network and be part of a select group of Ontario students to receive a four-year bachelor’s degree in Applied Information Sciences. Ontario has a critical need for networking professionals. The Program offers a unique blend of technology and business subjects, creating an innovative balance between the practical and the theoretical backgrounds for which employers are looking.




  • The modern laboratories are specially engineered for the curriculum. They include uniquely equipped facilities offering VoIP, cellular networks, wireless broadband (WiMax), advanced routing and switching as well network management

  • You can specialize in network security or wireless systems

  • Small class sizes ensure individual attention

  • Highly qualified, Full-time faculty has industry experience

  • There is a focus on diversity, equity and safe learning environment

  •  The program includes a co-op work term during the summer between second and third year


Semester 1

   Fundamentals of Business and Management

   English and Communication Skills

   Logic and Problem-solving Strategies

   Computer Network Fundamentals

   Computer Architecture

   Website Design and Development

Semester 2

   Financial Analysis


   Discrete Mathematics

   Operating System Fundamentals

   LAN Switching and Routing

   Software Development Programming   Fundamentals


Semester 3

   Marketing of Services

   Statistics & Research Methods

   Network Operating System 1

   WAN Technologies

   Applied Ethics

   Database Design & Modeling


Semester 4

   Organizational & Client Relationships

   Employment Preplacement

   Liberal Studies Elective

   Network Operating System 2

   Principles of Computer & Network Security

   Communication Technology

   Database Driven Websites

   Work Term


Semester 5

   Project Management 1

   Liberal Studies Elective

   Wireless Networks

   Voice Systems & Services

   Network Management

   System Analysis & Design


Semester 6

   Entrepreneurship in the New Economy

   Technical Elective

   Liberal Studies Elective

   Quantitative Research Methods

   Advanced Switching & Routing

   Voice/ IP Convergence


Technical Electives:

   Cryptography in Network Security

   Programming for Wireless Devices


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Semester 7

   Management of Change & Innovation

   Technical Elective

   Liberal Studies Elective

   Enterprise Network Design

   Integrated Project in the Vertical Markets 1

   Applied Research Techniques & Methods

Technical Electives:

   Network Defense and Counter Measure

   Cellular Networks


Semester 8

   Business Consulting

   Technical Elective

   Liberal Studies: Elective

   Networking: Advanced Troubleshooting

   Integrated Project in the Vertical Market 2


Technical Electives:

   Computer Forensics

   Wireless Broadband


Your choice of the following Liberal studies elective (please note that not all elective courses will be offered each semester):

Liberal Studies Electives

   Calculus with Applications

   Chemistry of Pollutants: Impacts & Solutions

   Philosophy: Ethical Reasoning for Today’s  World

   Science & Technology in Society

   Ethics for a Plural World

   Logical Self Defense

   Political and Contemporary Issues

   Psychology: The Science of Behaviour

   Social Psychology

   Consumer Psychology

   Principles of Human Behaviour

   Caribbean Studies

   Popular Culture

   Sociology of Deviance

   Human Geography: Migration and Globalization


The curriculum presented here covers subject matter that is dynamic in nature and will be revised as appropriate to assure it retains its currency. Internal curriculum review is ongoing. As well, PEQAB (the Post-secondary Education Quality Assessment Board) has a well-established review process. The same rigorous external review process that was used to obtain degree approval will be used to review the program again every five years.

At A Glance

Program graduates will be prepared to work as:

  • IT Project Manager

  • Technical Account Managers

  • Business Account Managers

  • Network Administrators

  • Network Analysts

  • Network Support

  • Project Management Analysts

  • Security Analysts



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