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New Canadian Immigration Services

All set for  Canada?  


Get the East West Travel Money Card!

New Canadian Immigration Services

 Travel worry-free abroad                              

The EastWest Travel Money gives you all these benefits for you to enjoy your travel abroad*:

Multi-currency. Load up to six different currencies in just one card - US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Hong Kong Dollar, Australian Dollar and Japanese Yen.

Convenient. Pay off your purchases cashless through Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals from all VISA-affiliated merchants abroad regardless of the currencies you loaded.

Secure. Your card is not linked to any of your bank accounts. Plus, your signature is required in order to make purchases using your card.

Locked-in exchange rates. Your exchange rate is locked-in for the currencies you have loaded. No need to worry about fluctuating exchange rates or to look for money exchange counter to give you the best deal on your rates. You can also withdraw in local currencies from all VISA-affiliated ATMs abroad.

No worries on lost card. Worry no more about losing access to your funds while abroad as this comes with a companion card which you may use as an emergency card if you lose your primary card.

Easy-to-manage. Keep track of your load balances, view transaction details, change PIN and lock/unlock cards by logging in at

Practical. No need to open a Foreign Currency Denominated Account.

Economical. No foreign currency conversion fees, annual fees, maintaining balance requirement, high initial deposit requirement, dormancy fees and other finance charges your usual card or travelers' cheques may charge you.

*EastWest Travel Money is not valid for use in the Philippines

 Unlimited Use & Global Recognition              

The EastWest Travel Money provides you with a convenient way to carry your money and make purchases without the bulky cash. With over 30 million VISA-affiliated establishments and 350,000 online merchants worldwide, your cashless shopping options are virtually limitless.


You have the option to load your card with just one currency or a maximum of six different currencies. The same currency as your purchase will be debited. If the currency wallet is not sufficient for that purchase, the following hierarchy of debits will be used: US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Hong Kong Dollar, Australian Dollar and Japanese Yen.

Scenario 1:

You loaded US$1,500 and £1,000 into your EastWest Travel Money for your US and London trips. You purchased an item worth US$150 while in the US. As such, your US Dollar load will be debited because of the transaction. Moving to London, you made purchases worth £550. The said transaction amount will automatically be debited from your British Pound load balance.

Scenario 2:

After purchasing an item worth £550, your British Pound load balance is down to £450. You are going to make another payment of £550. Since you do not have enough British Pound in your card to cover the amount, the transaction will be converted to US$ at the prevailing rate. The corresponding amount will be debited from your US Dollar wallet.

Scenario 3:

From London, you had a short trip to Abu Dhabi. While in Abu Dhabi, you can still make purchases or withdraw from ATMs even if you do not have Dirham loaded in your card. The amount will be debited from the currency in your card that has enough balance to cover the transaction when converted at the prevailing rate.


Please take note that you may encounter other situations than these when using your Travel Money. Please call our 24-Hour Customer Service Hotlines at (632) 888-1700 or US Toll-Free 1-866-828-6296 for assistance.

How to get a card?                                       

Be one of the first to have the EastWest Travel Money. Visit any EastWest Store and follow the simple steps below:


1. Fully accomplish the EastWest Travel Money application form.

2. Present at least one (1) government-issued identification card.

3. Pay a card application fee of P500.004. Load your card with any of the six currencies purchased from EastWest.

How to load your card?                                 

1. Personally visit any EastWest Store.

2. Fill out Purchase of Foreign Currency Application form and present this to the assigned EastWest personnel together with one (1) valid government-issued identification card.

3. Load your wallet with the minimum load amount and pay the loading fee.

     USD          EUR           HKD          GBP           AUD           JPY

Minimum Load Amount                           10                     10                    100                  10                     10                  1,000

Loading Fee                                             5                       5                      50                    5                       5                    500

4. Your EastWest Travel Money is loaded real-time with the specific currency for immediate use outside the Philippines.

Basic Fees and Charges                                

     USD          EUR           HKD          GBP           AUD           JPY

Card Renewal Fee -Expired Card*                                                                      PHP 300

Card Application Fee*                                                                                    PHP 500

Card Replacement Fee -Lost or Stolen*                                                                                   PHP 500

Card Replacement Fee -Defective Card*                                                                                    FREE

Card Closure Fee                                                      10                     10                   100                   10                     10                 1,000

Minimum Load Amount                           10                     10                    100                  10                     10                  1,000

*Regardless of currency wallet being availed of.

ATM Cash Withdrawal Limits                         

Single Withdrawal Transaction          USD          EUR           HKD          GBP           AUD           JPY

Minimum Amount                                     5                      5                      50                    5                       5                    500

Maximum Amount                                2,000                2,000               20,000             2,000                2,000            200,000

Daily Withdrawal Transaction             USD          EUR           HKD          GBP           AUD           JPY

Minimum Amount                                    5                       5                      50                     5                       5                   500

Maximum Amount                                6,000               5,000               50,000              4,000                6,000             500,000

ATM Transaction Fees                  USD          EUR           HKD          GBP           AUD           JPY

Balance Inquiry Fee                                 1                       1                      10                     1                       1                   100

Withdrawal Fee                                        5                       5                      30                    5                       5                    500

Note: All ATM transactions are subject to other fees, charges and other transaction limits that may be applied by the ATM issuer, bank, and/or network association being used at the time of the transaction.

POS Transaction Limits                                 

     USD          EUR           HKD          GBP           AUD           JPY

Minimum POS Transaction Amount              1                      1                      10                     1                       1                   100

Minimum POS Transaction Amount                                             Available Balance per Currency

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