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Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology - Automation and Robotics

Program Overview

Play a key role in the world of technology with the in-depth knowledge you'll gain in this program. Automation is used in virtually every industry today and te demand is high for trained graduates.


You will study for full-range of automation theory and mechanics, from basic circuitry through to its application in a manufacturing system. You will also learn about hydraulics, pneumatics, electrics, electronics, robotics and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).


Special attention is given to embedded systems using microcontrollers, quality controls using vision inspection and SPC and continous feedback control using PID. You will learn integration of automated equipment through its design, fabrication and installation.




  • You will gain hands-on experience in PLC & robotics, hydraulics, pneumatcs, electronics & microcontrollers, motion control, automated vision systems, SPC and HMI design.

  • Strong on-campus Automation and Robotics Student Society organizes events such as career nights and industral visits

  • Program is accredited by CTAB

  • Key-school status with the U.S.-based Fluid Power Education Foundation (FPEF), offers graduate scholarships and job search support

  • Opportunity exists for one-year paid work experience PTY (Professional Technology Year)



  • Graduates are in high demand in industries such as automotive, food, pharmaceuticals, packaging, aircraft and communications

  • Graduates are also suited for jobs in building automation, mining, transporation and power generation sectors

  • Knowledge is highly portable, qualifying graduates can work in a variety of industries.


At A Glance

Graduates are prepared to work in any of the following section/industries:

  • Automotive

  • Food

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Plastics

  • Packaging

  • Transportation

  • Building automation

  • Power generation

  • Technical sales


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Semester 1

   College Communications 1

   Ethics in Technology and the Environment

   Technology Mathematics 2


   Electric Circuits

   Computer Aided Drafting


Semester 2

   College Communications 2

   Global Citizenship: From Social Analysis to                                        Social Action 

   Technology Mathematics 3*

   Hydraulic Systems 1*

   Pneumatic Components* 


  Electronic Devices*


Semester 3

   Differential Calculus and Analytic Geometry*

   Machine Shop

   Digital Electronics*

   Hydraulic Systems 2*

   Pneumatic Circuits*

   Robotic Devices*


Semester 4

   Report Writing in a Technical Environment

   Integral Calculus*

   Mechanics and Materials

   Hydraulic Systems 3*

   PLC/Pneumatic Interfacing*

   Robotic Applications*


Semester 5

   Employment Preplacement

   General Education Elective

   Fluid Mechanics and Dynamics

   Hydrostatic Systems and Design

  PLC/Pneumatic Systems 1

   Electric Machinery & Microcontrollers

  Design & Development Project I


Semester 6

   Electro-hydraulic Systems

   PLC/Pneumatic Systems 2

   Diagnostics and Maintenance

   Feedback Control

   Design & Development Project II

   Industrial Production Applications


Notes: Students will be placed in the appropriate English and math level based on skills assessment results.


*minimum C grade required for technologist graduation.

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