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Entertainment and Media Systems Design

Program Overview

This is a unique and hybrid post-graduate program focused on the design, production and management of innovative media products. This includes application development and content creation for wireless devices, interactive museum and retail installations, digital signage systems and networks.


Note: The program requires students to have and use a mobile computing device (i.e laptops, tablet) that meets or exceeds the recommended hardware requirements.



  • You'll develop a balanced set of design skills and capabilities in media production nd media engineering. You will be cross trained to lead collaborative teams of technologists and media producers creating new applications and products for the media marketplace complemented by an industry field placement

  • You'll understand the challenges of media design in order to engineer innovative media solutions and enhance your core strengths in engineering technology or media production, with a genuine understanding and working knowledge of each discipline

  • You'll be immersed in a project-based learning environment that will focus your analytical and decision-making skills on real world challenges. Coaching and consultation will improve your ability to asses, develop, manage and execute a media technology project from prototype




  • The program offer a 15-week industry field placement at a media technology company or interactive design firm

  • Hands-on experience is gained in the creation and distribution of digital media, video and audio projects for mobile networks and environment installations

  • Laboratory experience is gained in Programmable Logic Controller (PCL), robotics, sensors, electronics and network technology projects management as well as media analytics

  • Participation in team and individual projects guided and assessed by industry entreprenuers


At A Glance

Graduates will be in high demand by media producers, publishers and media technology developers:


Career opportunities include:

  • Project Coordinator, Digital Media Production

  • Interactive Technical procducer

  • Exhibit Designer

  • Producer

  • User Experience Designer

  • Software Programmer



Semester 1

   Project 1

   Introduction to Media Engineering

   Production 1: Video Production & Sound Design

   Design 1: Visual Design

   Design 2: Design for Web and Mobile Devices

   EM 1: Math & Electrical Fundamentals

   ICT 1: Media Electronics

   ICT 2: Computer Systems and Networks

   Software 1: Programming Fundamentals


Semester 2

   Project 2

   The Marketing Cycle

    Production 2: Physical Computing

    Entreprenuership & Product Development

    ICT 3: Media System Engineering 4hrs

    EM 2: Automated Control Systems

    Software 2: Web Programming


Semester 3

    Industry Field Placement (Media Managment)

    Project 3

    Media Informatics/ Information Metrics

    Content Management

    Portfolio Production


Note: minimum C grade required in all courses.

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