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Financial Services Fundamentals

Program Overview

This program is specifically designed for individuals who wish to pursue an exciting career in the continously expanding financial services environment. Continued growth in the financial services sector provides exciting employment opportunities for qualified individuals.


Rationalization and consolidation within the industry have reduced the number of traditional entry-level jobs, such as bank tellers. However, other factors have countered this by creating more stimulating and higher skilled positions. These factors include a more marketing-focused industry, increased competition, demographics, advances in technology and a global financial environment.




  • The courses are delivered by experienced faculty members who are professionals from the industry

  • An additional benefit is the opportunity for graduates to continue their education into the two-year program where in one additional year they can enhance their qualifications. This enables them to pursue lucrative careers in the broader financial services industry.



Mutual funds is one particular area of significant growth in the financial services sector. As the baby boom generation readies itself for retirement, investments in mutual funds have grown correspondingly. Professionals who consult upon and sell mutual funds must be licensed. Accordingly, we have developed a one-year program that includes a course leading to a license to sell mutual funds. This license, coupled with courses in marketing, sales, business and communication, equip our graduates with the qualifications and skills sought by employers in the industry.

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Semester 1

   Financial Accounting 1

   Canadian Financial Services

   College Communications 1

   Mathematics of Finance

   Principles of Marketing


Semester 2

   Financial Accounting 2

   Corporate Finance 1

   College Communications 2

   Canadian Investment Funds Course

   Job Search Skills

  Professional Selling


Note: Students will be placed in the appropriate English and math levels based on skills assessment results.



At A Glance

Graduates are prepared to pursue careers at:

  • Banks

  • Credit unions

  • Financial planning organizations

  • Investment fund companies


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