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Global Business Managment

Program Overview

The business world isn’t defined by borders. Ensuring an organization’s ongoing success in a globalized environment demands a solid understanding of leading-edge management strategies and international business practices.


Global Business Management Graduate Certificate delivers a unique blend to strategic management and international concepts to prepare graduates to lead and manage effectively in the global business environment.


 The Global Business Management program delivers the knowledge and practical skills that are transferable across several industries. Graduates can confidently pursue entry level management/professional roles with international organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and domestic businesses operating on a global scale.




  • Global Business Seminars enhance learning through guest speakers, external competitions, presentation of research reports and industry visits

  • A final semester Capstone Project challenges graduates to apply what they’ve learned, by completing an integrated team project for a business client within the GTA

  • International students who successfully complete Global Business Management program may be eligible to apply for work permit (up to three years) upon graduation.

  • Strong employment prospects after graduation



The Global Business Management program is an ideal career path for individuals with the following traits and skills

  • Analytical with strong numeracy skills

  • Highly organized with an ability to plan and prioritize

  • Thrive under pressure and ability to meet deadlines

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Innovative problem solver and decision maker

  • Comfortable working within a team environment

  • Open-minded and have a willingness to learn new things




Semester 1

   Accounting for Managerial Decision Making

   Business Communications 1

   Economic Analysis for Managers

   International Entrepreneurship

   Global Business Seminars 1

   Information Systems for Business Management

   Operations Management for Products &   Services


Semester 2

   Financial Management

   Business Communication 2

   Contemporary Organizational Behaviour

   Global Logistics

   Global Business Seminars 2

   Global Business Research and Analytical



Semester 3

   Employment Preparedness

   International Banking and Finance

   Comparative Geopolitical Systems

   International Business Law

   Ethics and Stakeholder Management

   International Marketing

   Fundamentals of Project Management


Semester 4

   Human Resources Strategy

   Global Business Strategy

   Corporate Social Responsibility and     International Development

   Global Business Seminars 3

   International Sales and Negotiation

   Developing an International Business Plan

   Management and Leadership



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