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Interactive Media Management

Program Overview

Interactive Media Management is a post-graduate, collaborative and project-driven program that prepares you for today’s world of interactive technology, media and innovation.


The digital media landscape is changing as tablets, mobile and immersible computing are becoming more important and prevalent. The Interactive Media Management is designed to leverage your precious skill set and prepare you for a career in interactive media development content production and process management. The program emphasizes strategy, user experience, narrative and management skills in the interactive digital media industry, user experience strategy, process, jobe roles and documentation skills.


The Interactive Media Management program is designed to make you an effective producer working in the interactive media landscape. In the first semester students are introduced to foundational skills in user experience planning through wireframing, content structure analysis, practical coding, A/V production for digital platforms, and management skills.


In the second semester students work through own Senior Project, while applying advanced learning in business, analytical advanced learning in business, analytics, technology, and planning documentation. You’ll be exposed to the industry and available career options in the early stages of the program and compete your learning with intensive industry field placement.




At A Glance

Careers opportunities include:

  • Interactive Producer

  • Digital Project Manager

  • Digital Strategies

  • User Experience Designer

  • Digital Content Producer



Where do program graduates go? With a combination of creative and practical skills, our alumni work in all aspects of the interactive media industry in Canada including the following:

  • Laura James, Digital Content Producer & Strategies, CEO ate Mulberry Media Interactive

  •  Matthew Flanagan, Digital Content Coordinator, Movie Services, at Astral Media

  • Violet Edwards, User Experience Designer and Twist Image

  • Guilherme Chee, Interactive Designer at Electrolux (Brazil)


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Semester 1

   Production Tools 1          

   Emerging Technology

   Interactive Digital Industry

   Experience Design Tools

   Writing for Interactive Media

   Interactive Narrative 1

   Skills for Collaborative Workplace

   Video & Sound for Interactive Media


Semester 2


   Collaborative Project

   Production Tools 2

   Studio Mentorship/Partnership

   Senior Project

   Project Management

   Interactive Narrative 2

   Interactive Media Business


Semester 3

  Career Networking

   Pitching & Presentation


   Field Placement


Note: minimum C grade required in all courses.

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