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International Business Management

Business today, whether large, medium or small, is inevitably international and that recognitions vital to its survival in globalized world economy.


The International Business Management Graduate Certificate program helps you prepare for global realities of today’s marketplace. If you have earned a previous university degree or diploma and/ or possess business experience, you may be eligible benefit from this uniquely crafted one-year program.


This first semester of this program includes foundational courses, while the second semester provides specialized, industry-valued courses. Upon completion of the program students have an opportunity to further develop their skills by registering for an experiential learning opportunity (field placement) in a real world setting.


The International Business Management program allows individuals from a variety of academic backgrounds to gain the global business knowledge necessary in leveraging their career prospects.


Whether you are from an arts, humanities, technical and commerce background curriculum design enables you to be at par with the latest theoretical and practical aspects of global business.

Program Overview




  • Upon graduating there are strong employment prospects

  • Program faculty members have extensive in international business

  • A strong focus is placed on specialized areas of international business, including international development, small to medium-sized international entrepreneurship, trade and investment, global logistics and transportation and global management

  • There is an emphasis on the use of computer and Internet technology in performing international business functions to ensure that you have the necessary skills for career success in the current international business environment

  • An extensive use of case studies, simulations and project-based learning, with focus on developing project management, teamwork, report writing and communication and presentation skills are feature of the program

  • Students graduating from degree and diploma programs and those in career transition are able to channel their focus and gain a solid foundation in international business practice in a short period of time

  • You will gain practical industry experience through the industry project component

At A Glance

Graduates of the program are prepared to work as:

  • Foreign Investment and Risk Analysts

  • Foreign Trade Consultants

  • Commercial Bank Officers

  • International Marketing Representatives

  • International Development Assistants




Semester 1

   Business Communications 1

   International Banking and Finance

   Global Logistics

   International Business Law

   International Entrepreneurship

   Global Business Seminars 1

   Global Business Research and Analysis


Semester 2

   Employment Preparedness

   Business Communications 2

   Comparative Geopolitical Systems

   Global Business Strategy

   Corporate Social Responsibility and       International Business Plan

   International Marketing and Trade


Semester 3

   Business – Experimental Learning*


*Successful completion of 80 per cent of courses in first and second semesters with a minimum GPA of 2.25.

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