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Marketing - Research and Analytics

Program Overview

Marketers rely on analysts for their insight, to make effective decision, attract a greater client base and deepen existing client relationships. This reliance indicates the vital role that marketing research plays  in managerial decision-making. The Marketing Research and Analytics Graduate Certificate program teaches studenta the techniques used to datamine and extract valuable knowledge about competitors and customers in a market setting.


Graduates of this program will learn different research methods and obtain the expertise necessary for creating effective survey, statistical analysis, industry trends and consumer behaviour. These skills are highly valued by employers because of their propensity for making better nad informed decisions.


The two semester program consists of mixture of lectures and labs where students are exposed to SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Enterprise Miner. These are leading software solutions used in the Research and Analytics fields.


Upon completion of the three specified SAS courses, students will receive a certificate of recognition.




  • Hands-on learning in areas like questionnare desig, data manipulation and quality control, creation of statistical output and development of programs

  • Strong focus on applying marketing research and analytics to strategic marketing decision-making

  • Extensive use of learner-centered approaches such as: case studies, simulations, project-based learning, with a focus on developing project management, teamwork, analytical and report writing and presentation skills

  • Access to full suite of Microsoft products, including: Microsoft CRM, Excel and PowerPoint

  • Training in analytics software including SAS' Enterprise Miner and Environics Analytics ENVISION

  • In the second semester, students develop and implement a capstone project that integrates and applies their learning

  • Excellent employment prospects for research and analytical marketing professionals


Graduate of this program may work in the following areas:

  • Organizations with in-house analytical and research functions, especially those that are mid-to-large sized

  • Marketing research firms

  • Companies specializing in direct marketing, mobile marketing and e-marketing

  • Loyalty program management companies

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Semester 1

   Business Presentations


   Marketing Analysis and Planning

   Fundamentals of Marketing Research

  Computer Applications for Marketing Analytics

  Statistics for Marketing Research


Semester 2

   Career Preparedness

   Case Analysis and Marketing Metrics

   Database Mining and Analytics

   Advanced Computer Applications for Marketing Analytics

   Fundamentals of Interactive Marketing

   Research and Analysis - Capstone

   Fundamentals of Project Management


At A Glance

Graduates of this program are prepared to work as:

  • Marketing Research Analysts

  • Web Marketing Analysis

  • CRM Analysts

  • Direct Response Analysts

  • Online Marketing Analysts

  • Data and Analytics Specialists

  • Business Analytics Specialists

  • Loyalty Program Analysts

  • Sales Data Analysts

  • Marketing Strategy Analysts


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