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Medical Robotics and Automation

Program Overview

This program has been suspended for Winter 2014

The Medical Robotics and Automation program focuses on developing the technical skills needed use medical instrumentation and automation. Students learne to design, develop and comission equipment in the medical engineering and pharmaceutical production fields. The program also covers future growth areas in medical robotics (use of robotics in surgery and nano-robotics.




Graduates are positiones at the forefront of emerging technologies. They are able to:

  • Perform sampling, root-cause analysis and auditing of manufacturing practices

  • Install and maintain medical and pharmaceutical automation equipment

  • Troubleshoot medical and pharmaceutical automation equipment

  • Indentify and solve technical problems in a medical environment

  • Evaluate operating and maintenance records


Today's world is technogically focused, with strides constantly being made in medical technology. With growth of an aging population, there is an unprecedented healthcare demand for this technology to continue advancing at a rapid rate. Therefore, trained professionals in Medical Robotics and Automation are essential. Graduates of this program will be eligible to work in areas that include:

  • Hospital automation equipment

  • Pharmaceutial production and distribution

  • Medical robotics, including electro-mechanical robotics and nanotechnology

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Semester 1

   CAD and Machining Fundamentals

   Pneumatics and Hydraulics

   Advanced Information Technology

   Anatomy and Physiolog

   Medical Robotics 1

   Medical and Pharmaceutical Automation Devices


Semester 2


   Medical Intrumentation and Netwok Systems

  Clinical/Biomedical Engineering

  Medical Robotics 2

  Pharmaceutical Automation and Dispensing


Semester 3

   Enterprise Management Software

   Electrical Safety and Patient Monitoring

   Medical Imaging and Devices

   Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Application

  Research Project


1. Students who have graduated from a university with a fourth year Electrical Engineering degree will be individually assessed for course credits.

2. Students who have graduated from a college with a three year Electromechanical Engineering Technology diploma may receive credit for MRA -111 and MRA - 1112

3. Students who have graduated from acollege with a three year Biomedical Engineering Technology diploma may receive credit for MRA -114.



At A Glance

Upon graduation, students are able to install and troubleshoot equipment for disciplines such as:

  • Medical Imaging

  • Diagnostics

  • Pharmaceutical Automation

  • Medical Robotics

  • Medical Automation

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