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Program Overview

Paramedic graduates enjoy an excellent reputation in the field. Your career advantage begins with hands-on training that covers emergency, medical, trauma and psychological situations. Courses are taught by paramedics who are actively working in the field.


Graduates are eligible and well-prepared to take the Ministry of Health exam for Advanced EMCA. They have consistently scored above the provincial average on the Advanced EMCA certification exam. Ministry regulations require this certification for employment as a paramedic in Ontario.




Graduates have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Communicate and interact effectively and appropriately  with patients and others

  • Assess patients using relevant theory and practices

  • Establish patients' treatment and transport priorities based on assessment findings

  • Implement preventive and therapeutic patient management strategies to maintain and promote patients' well-being

  • Integrate and perform delegated controlled medical acts in a simulated, clinical and field setting

  • Evaluate in an ongoing manner the effectiveness of patient management strategies used and adapt or change strategies to provide optimal care for patients

  • Ensure the operational safety and preparedness of an ambulance and its equipment

  • Operate an ambulance-type vehicle in a simulated setting



  • Most graduates work for a licensed Ontario ambulance service. Many graduates also go on to be employed elsewhere in Canada.

  • With experience and further study, graduates can qualify as advanced care paramedics or critical care paramedics, providing specialized care in land or air ambulances.




Semester 1

   College Communications 2

   Principles of Psychology*

   Prehospital Care 1: Theory and Lab*

   Professionals and Legal Issues, Research,                Responsibilities and Leadership* 

   Therapeutic Communication and Crisis                                        Intervention*



Semester 2

   Global Citizenship: From Social Analysis to                                                      Social Action

   Alterations of Human Body Functions 1*

   Prehospital Care 2: Theory, Clinical and Field*

   Pharmacology for Allied Health*


Semester 3

   College Communications 3

   General Education Elective

   Alterations of Human Body Functions 2*

   Prehospital Care 3: Theory, Clinical and Field*

   Medical Directed Therapeutics and                              Paramedic Responsibilities


Semester 4

   Prehospital Care 4: Theory and Field*

   PCP Integration and Critical Decision Making*

   EMS Research Methods


*minimum C of grade



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