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New Canadian Immigration Services

Phil-Canada Education Transfer and Upgrade Program


New Canadian Immigration Services
Philippine Canada Education Transfer and Upgrade Program

The CPA is designed as a two-year, part-time course taken at the same time that students gain required work experience (paid work program).


CPA brings together the best of all three accounting designations; creating more career opportunities


As one of the most recognized and respected accounting designations in the world, the CPA designation is your key to a high-performance career as one of Canada’s most respected and trusted professionals.


CPA Canada offers option to immigrants who don’t have degrees in business or finance from a Canadian university, a separate qualifying program. The program will be available online as distance-learning courses, which opens the door to working professionals outside of major centres. 


A unification initiative was undertaken by the three main bodies in 2011 to work towards a merger  This new accounting body would be one of the largest in the world. The concept of unification has received significant support from business stakeholders and accounting academics. 


In the Philippines, the program is spearheaded by New Canadian Immigration Services (NCIS).  In line with the CPA education Program of Canada, NCIS  offers transition programs that will allow  Finance and Business courses students and graduates in the Philippines achieve a Canadian Accounting Designation and eventually land in a high paying job. Successful completion of the program should lead to Permanent Residence Visa. 


CPA Canada is your ticket to Canada. Paid work program while pursuing CPA designation. Once you finish the program, start earn better pay and be recognized Internationally!   


Apply now and fly to Canada in 4 months!

CPA Canada is the national organization

established to support unification of the

Canadian Accounting Profession under the

Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA)

designation. It Provides services to all CPA,

CA, CMA and CGA accounting bodies that

have unified or are committed to unification

New Canadian Immigration Services

The Immigration Consultants of Canada

Regulatory Council (ICCRC) is a non-profit

organization appointed by the Government

of Canada to regulate the immigration

consulting profession and safeguard

consumer interests.

New Canadian Immigration Services

The Philippine Institute of Certified Public

Accountants is the national professional

accountancy body of Philippines and the

recognized accounting body in Canada.

The organization will assist each applicant

to the CPA Canada Program,

by providing endorsement letter and

verification of credentials.

Initial Assessment is FREE!


For working professionals :


(We can process your application regardless of your current location)


Send us your resume and copy of your Transcript of Records. Email them to


For the newly graduate :


Email us the copy of your Transcript of Records together with the complete contact information of your school. Email them to


For students (at least 2nd year level) :


Email us the address and contract numbers of your parents/guardian, the contact information of your school.

New Canadian Immigration Services partner bank

East West Bank provides banking facilities to every applicant of the CPA Canada Program. Primarily the provision of Travel Money Card – a foreign currency stored value card. East West Bank also provide fund management accounts to other clients of NCIS.

Program Framework

Sign-up now for the September 2014 intake and have the chance to get a discount value of $500!

How does it work?

New Canadian Immigration Services Program Framework
New Canadian Immigration Services

The idea is each CPA will be

“more than a bean counter,”

We want to make sure that 

people coming out of this

program have broad management

skills in order to be able to

apply the technical knowledge

they’ve learned.

CPA. A new standard.

In BC, all three accounting designations - CA, CMA and CGA - have signed an agreement to pursue a merger and are working to unite under the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation. CPA brings together the best of all three accounting designations; creating more career opportunities than ever before. Hear what some of Canada’s business and accounting leaders have to say about this brand new, globally recognized standard.

Tashia Batstone, vice-president of

education services for the Chartered

Professional Accountants of Canada.

Program Launching with PICPA Metro Manila

Program Launching at De La Salle University - Dasmarinas

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